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How it works

...very easy......

1. Send us a message with the date of your picnic, place and number of people.

2. In less than 24 hours, you will receive the quote in your email, with all the necessary information.

3. Confirm the quote, paying 30% of the total of the picnic, and the remaining 70% is paid at the beginning of the picnic.

4. We prepare the picnic at the place, date and time confirmed. From the stipulated hour, you have 4 hours to enjoy your picnic.

5. Enjoy the moment, the food and your perfect picnic!

6. At the end of your picnic time, we take care of collecting everything.


If you have any specific questions or would like suggestions, then call us (+521) 3222882063 or write us an email We intend to make your picnic experience as easy as possible without having to worry about anything.



Are you picking up all the items when I am done?

Yes, when you arrive at your picnic spot, we have everything set up, ready and waiting for you. Whenever you are done having fun with your picnic, you give us a call or write a message, and we will be there within 30min, to pick up the equipment and check you out! Afterwards, you simply walk away; we take care of the cleanup!



How do I let you know when I want to finish the picnic?

All our picnic experiences are made for 4 hours. However, if something happens, and you want to leave earlier, take our mobile phone which we have deposited in the picnic basket and call us, or send us a message.



How long before do I need to book my picnic experience?

We need at least two days’ notice. Moreover, like any great restaurant, we do get fully booked especially on weekends. The earlier you place your order, the better chance to get a confirmation. Please check out our calendar to see availability.



What does my picnic include?

All our picnics include decoration depending on the style you choose, umbrella, a gadget to choose, bottle of red or white wine and a platter for two people. You have the option to add more gadgets and include details such as flowers or extra drinks.


What if I break something or something gets lost?

Please send us a message and let us know what item is broken or damaged. We will assess the damage and charge you either a repair or replacement fee. Since most of our decorative items are high quality imported goods, we ask you to handle them carefully, to give others the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful picnic experience as well.


Cancelation policy

* No refund is made for cancellation.

* No refunds are made for rain or bad weather

* The duration of the picnic begins at the time stipulated previously, so we appreciate being punctual when arriving at the chosen place.


Where is the picnic located?

We suggest the clean and beautiful beach of  Nuevo Vallarta. However, we are able to bring your picnic to every location you desire.

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