Terms of conditions:


1. General


The following conditions form an integral part of the offer and order confirmation of the Picnic Company. By placing the order, the tenant accepts these terms.

Deviating provisions are only valid if they have been agreed in writing by the contracting parties.



2. Examination of rental and purchase items



Items of rent are the materials listed in the delivery note, including picnic-upgrades and decorative articles such as wooden boards, pillows, dishes, cutlery, jars including Nutella & Bonne Maman jars, drinking equipment, tables, napkin holders, étagère for fruits, thermos jug, mosquito net, blankets, picnic baskets, baskets, umbrella, tarp/tent, salt & pepper shakers, cooling boxes, mobile phone and other decorative items. The tenant has to check the goods upon delivery and to assert defects immediately, otherwise, the material is considered flawless.



In the event of damage or loss of the product, we reserve the right to charge the full compensation of the product.




3. Rental period



The rent lasts unless otherwise agreed, 4 hours. However, if something happens, and the renter wants to leave earlier, he is allowed to use the mobile phone which The Picnic Company has deposited in the picnic basket and call us to proceed the checkout process.




4. In the event of damage or loss


If there is damaged material, please inform us urgently. It will be invoiced to the renter at the replacement price or restoration price. Replacement of defective or lost equipment will be charged to the renter separately.



5. Property


The provided material with all components and all accessories remains the exclusive property of The Picnic Company. The Picniccompany is entitled to inform third parties. The renter may neither pledge, sell or otherwise transfer the material to third parties.

Subleasing or transferring the rental object is only allowed with the written consent of the Picnic Company. If the article is taken into custody by third parties, the renter must notify The Picnic Company immediately. The renter shall pay all resulting damage and all consequential costs.



6. Due diligence


The renter undertakes to use the material carefully and only for the intended picnic and purpose. The tenant is prohibited from making or having any changes made to the leased property. In particular, he is not permitted from covering, altering or removing advertising or company inscriptions attached to the rental object.


Any necessary maintenance or repair work on the leased property during the rental period may only be carried out by the landlord or a third party designated by the landlord.



7. Cancellation costs


* No refund is made for cancellation.

* No refunds are made for rain or bad weather

* The duration of the picnic begins at the time stipulated previously, so we appreciate being punctual when arriving at the chosen place.


8. Prices and conditions


The rental fee and the requirements are determined according to the order confirmation.

Unless otherwise agreed, the invoice amounts are paid cash as a deposit or PayPal before the picnic starts.



9. Consumption of alcohol



The rental by the Picnic Company takes place exclusively to tenants who are over 18 years old. The Picnic Company points out that Mexican law prohibits the consumption of alcohol to young people under the age of 18 and may refuse on suspicion. Identification Card is required. The consumption of alcohol is at your own risk.





10. In case of accidents or injuries


The Picnic Company assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries that may arise during the picnic or when using the items. At the same time, we point out that the picnic company takes no responsibility for food-related intolerances, as well as burns caused by coffee/tea.




11. Place of performance/jurisdiction


Unless otherwise agreed, the location of performance for the services of the parties is Puerto Vallarta/Nuevo Vallarta. Jurisdiction for all disputes is the seat of The Picnic Company in Puerto Vallarta/Nuevo Vallarta. The Picnic Company reserves the tenant also at his statutory. It applies the Mexican law. All rights reserved.




12. By using our site, you agree to all our terms and conditions.