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At The Picnic Company we have 3 types of picnics: Classic, Gourmet and Premium and various decoration styles so you can choose the one you like best. Each scenario is designed to give you the best experience you deserve. Whether to celebrate the anniversary with your partner, celebrate a birthday, an original way to get to know your date, a blind date, a marriage proposal or just to get away from the routine. Any option is ideal to enjoy a picnic!!

The styles....

*** Reference pictures for Premium picnic

Dark Night
Breeze. Photo 2.jpg
White Room Grupo_14.03.2021_Laura Gonzal
White Room
Hippie Chic

*** All our picnics include decoration depending on the style you choose, umbrella, a gadget to choose, beverage and a platter for two people.

Upgrade your picnic.!!

We have gadgets for rent with which you can increase the fun of your picnic! Choose the items that suit your style, can be a frisbee, a football, beach rackets, towels for swimming in the sea, speaker to listen to music or the famous boule game!
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